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Story :

 Sunny and Kashish had been married for many years but the good news had not come yet, i.e., a Baby. The Society have putten a sweet yet heavy burden on both of them But the inside story was totally different but this Immense nonsense talks, make Kashish Irritated and Depressed. Another day, Another Call, but this time, the temper has reached its highest level. So, She calls to sunny, where she bursts out his emotions, started crying, and Scolding Sunny, Why She cannot be a Mother. Sunny revealed that, due to his low sperm count, they are facing this issue. Kashish reacted shockingly but as well as said some words which acted as a strong wish. “I wish you will regain your strength.” Don’t know how but the magic of Kashish’s wish did its job. Same day, Same hour, Sunny called back and told her that he just talked with Doctor Ji and recieved a good news. Doctor told him that due to change in season, If you decide to try today or tomorrow, then there is a high chance of good news. After 2 months, Kashish becomes pregnant. So, What Made the impossible, possible? Is it a Medical Experience of Doctor or Kashish’s Magical Wish.(Source : Sky movies )

Cast :

  • Kajal Chauhan
  • Chand
Kajal Chauhan

Directed by Nikhil

Release Date : 30 October 2021