Ullu App web series name list

  1. Yeh Kaisa Ristha
  2. Kachra – Games of Karma
  3. Saas Bah u and Nri – Palangtod
  4. Kabristan – Games of Karma
  5. Charr Charr- Hotspot
  6. Adla Badii – Madhosh Dairies
  7. Blue Whale – Ullu Originals
  8. Client no 7 – Ullu Originals
  9. Namkeen – Ullu Originals
  10. Fatherhood – Ullu Originals
  11. The Devil Inside – Ullu Originals
  12. Khatak – Ullu Originals
  13. Online- Ullu Originals
  14. Dunali – Ullu Originals
  15. Tandoor – Ullu Originals
  16. Kirayedar- Palang tod
  17. Khunnas – Ullu Originals
  18. Friend Request – Ullu Originals
  19. Sazaa ya Mazaa- Palang tod
  20. Rupaya 500 – Ullu Originals
  21. Care Taker – Palang tod
  22. Toilet love – Charmshuk
  23. Good Wife- Madhosh Dairies
  24. The Last Show
  25. Prabha Ki Dairy
    1. Cast
  26. Naye Padosi – Palang tod
  27. Paro – Ullu Originals
  28. Salahkaar- Charmshuk
  29. Aate Ki Chakki – Charmshuk
  30. Lovely Message Parlour
  31. Laal Lihaaf – Ullu Originals
  32. Saali Aadhi Gharwaali – Palang tod
  33. Third Eye
  34. Jane Anjane Mein
  35. Breast Tax- Ullu Originals
  36. Aadha Adhura Pyaar – Palang Tod
  37. Possessed Love- Ullu Originals
  38. Shor – Palang tod
  39. Assi Nabbe Poore Sau – Ullu Originals
  40. Chawl House- Charmshuk
  41. Halala – Ullu Originals
  42. Gaon Ki Garmi – Palang tod
  43. Taala Chaabi – Riti Riwaj
  44. Bekaboo Dil – Palang tod
  45. Suspect – Ullu originals
  46. Kavitha Bhabi – Ullu Originals
  47. Generation Gap – Ullu Originals
  48. Melting Cheese- Ullu originals
    1. Cast
  49. The Choice
  50. Peshawar – ullu originals
  51. Right or Wrong – Ullu originals
  52. Slip – Ullu Originals
  53. Paper
  54. Helpless
  55. Bribe – Ullu originals
  56. Guardian – ullu originals
  57. Ashuddhi – Ullu Originals
  58. The Producer – Ullu Originals
  59. Wife in a Metro – Ullu originals
  60. Sweet Lie – Ullu originals
  61. Bhasudi – ullu originals
  62. Pasta – Ullu Originals
  63. Innocent – Ullu originals
  64. Woodpecker – Ullu originals
  65. Sunny Winter
  66. Ishq Kills
  67. Love Festival -Riti riwaj
  68. Smart Phone
  69. Love is Blind
  70. Water Wives – Riti Riwaj
  71. Pyaas – Charmshuk
  72. The Bull of Dalal Street
  73. Trapped – Charmshuk
  74. Khul Ja Sim Sim
  75. sauda – Charmshuk
  76. Tadap
  77. Sautela Pyaar- Charmshuk
  78. Degree wala Teacher -Charmshuk
  79. D- Code Dewangi
  80. Kaamwali Bhai – Charmshuk
  81. Paajama Party – Charmshuk
  82. Julie
  83. Ganika
  84. Shubratri
  85. Karna Zaruri hai – Charmshuk
  86. Ek Khwaap – Charmshuk
  87. Size Matters – Ullu Originals
  88. Caught
  89. Mona Home Delivery
  90. Bambai
  91. Panchali
  92. 3g- gaali galoc girls
  93. The Host
  94. Dance Bar – Ullu originals
  95. The Cottage
  96. Anniversary Surprise
  97. Singardaan
  98. Wanna Have a good time
  99. Dubeji and Boys

Ullu App web series name list

Yeh Kaisa Ristha

Rachel a beautiful foreign return brat visits her uncle in Delhi. The uncle is instantly awestruck by her body language. Will Rachel fall for the temptation of her mature uncle?

Kachra – Games of Karma

Rajat and Sneha’s love for each other knows no bounds but maybe just apparently. Sneha soon learns about Rajat’s extramarital affair with Mahi. To avenge against this Sneha seeks intimacy with the garbageman to tarnish her husband’s respect.

Saas Bah u and Nri – Palangtod

When the sounds of steamy session of a newlywed reach the lonesome mother-in-law, she discovers various means to calm herself. The wife’s NRI brother acknowledges her need for love, but instead the wife ends up fulfilling the mother-in-laws temptations.

Kabristan – Games of Karma

Leprosy has left Farooq lonesome in life. Burying dead bodies in the cemetery becomes his work and liking. In the night the corpses fulfill his insatiable desires. Once he is caught by a young outsider in the act but Farooq is lucky to put the blame on him before the villagers, for which the villagers stone the innocent youngster to death. Farooq being oblivious to his death is unware that it is going to have a profound effect on his life.

Charr Charr- Hotspot

Mudit’s newlywed wife Chanda is increasingly vexed by the creaking sound of their ancestral bed. Hence, after much thought and on a friend’s advice, Mudit decides to sell the bed online on ULX App where he gets a handsome deal of Rs.17000 for his bed.

Adla Badii – Madhosh Dairies

Fate brings together two couples, one whose marriage is falling apart while the other a complete contrast. Through a business meet the first couple discovers the immoral fantasies of the other. And so the husband mesmerized by his friend’s wife asks his own dear wife to swap

Blue Whale – Ullu Originals

Client no 7 – Ullu Originals

Namkeen – Ullu Originals

Fatherhood – Ullu Originals

The Devil Inside – Ullu Originals

Khatak – Ullu Originals

Online- Ullu Originals

Dunali – Ullu Originals

Tandoor – Ullu Originals

Kirayedar- Palang tod

There is incomplete desire, the heart is desperate, the tenant has come to fulfill. Break the bed “tenant”.

Khunnas – Ullu Originals

Broken dreams prick in the eyes, are trapped in the path of love. “Disgusted”.

Friend Request – Ullu Originals

Sazaa ya Mazaa- Palang tod

Rupaya 500 – Ullu Originals

Care Taker – Palang tod

Toilet love – Charmshuk

Good Wife- Madhosh Dairies

The Last Show

Prabha Ki Dairy


  • Pamela Mondal
  • Shelandar singh
  • Dinesh Soni

Naye Padosi – Palang tod

Paro – Ullu Originals

Salahkaar- Charmshuk

Aate Ki Chakki – Charmshuk

Lovely Message Parlour

Laal Lihaaf – Ullu Originals

Saali Aadhi Gharwaali – Palang tod

Third Eye

Jane Anjane Mein

Breast Tax- Ullu Originals

Aadha Adhura Pyaar – Palang Tod

Possessed Love- Ullu Originals

Shor – Palang tod

Assi Nabbe Poore Sau – Ullu Originals

Chawl House- Charmshuk

Halala – Ullu Originals

Afza and Raahil are happilymarried. But fate has different plans as their beautiful relationship faces turmoil and in rage of fit Raahil gives triple talaq to Afza. Zaid is the only hope to save Afza and Raahil’s broken marriage as the only option is left with the couple is Halala Nikaah

Gaon Ki Garmi – Palang tod

Taala Chaabi – Riti Riwaj

Bekaboo Dil – Palang tod

Suspect – Ullu originals

Kavitha Bhabi – Ullu Originals

Generation Gap – Ullu Originals

A steamy affair between Mrs. Poonam and her nephew (Vipin) begins to develop a gap when they both have different expectations from each other.

Melting Cheese- Ullu originals

Story about agog unwinding, when a wife (Neena) become friends with her philandering husband’s (Anand) office secretary (Meera).


  • Shikha Chabbra
  • Naina Mukhi
  • Sachin Verma

The Choice

Anamika gets married to very average looking Sudhir. Gradually she starts falling for her boss, a very handsome man, Dushyant. Sudhir is madly in love with Anamika and he wants to keep doing so. What will the wife do then?

Peshawar – ullu originals

The deadliest and most heart wrenching attack in history, where terrorists ambushed a school in Peshawar, leaving behind hundreds of corpses and the screeches of helpless and innocent children!

Right or Wrong – Ullu originals

A story against universal laws, where an aged father developed physical relation with his daughter’s friend. But in this case, is the father is doing RIGHT or WRONG.

Slip – Ullu Originals


Unsung saga of a man who ends up turning down strict regulations for his passion of winning against all odds.


Bribe – Ullu originals

Guardian – ullu originals

Guardian - ullu originals

Mr. Anant is tensed about his brat son Aditya. He keeps a lady guardian Juliana to control him. She develops a relationship with Aditya and starts blackmailing him for the money. How will father and son come out of this tricky situation?

Ashuddhi – Ullu Originals

“Ashuddhi” tells the story of an innocent struggling actor Karan (Hiten Tejwani) who stumbles upon the mysteries of a Secret Society. Karan finds himself involved in a passionate relationship which takes an unexpected turn. Things start going off hand when his landlady Vidya (Kavita Radheshyam) and Karan, are introduced to a Secret Society that claims to exercise inordinate amounts of power.

The Producer – Ullu Originals

Sunny Chaddha a reputed film producer is accused of rape by Soniya a gorgeous model, as the police start their investigation they have a hard time figuring out whose version of the story is true.

Wife in a Metro – Ullu originals

Sweet Lie – Ullu originals

Aashish works hard to earn his bread and butter. He decides to do double shift a night to get the incentive. He buys expensive Jewelry with it for the love of his life, His wife, Sonali. When Aashish reaches home, he gets a huge surprise from his wife, Sonali.

Bhasudi – ullu originals

Pasta – Ullu Originals

An unexpected intruder becomes the sole cause for misconception between a loving couple. Crossing all peripheries of friendship, he now decides to accomplish his self serving motives. What will happen next ? Will this couple split up or reconcile eventually?

Innocent – Ullu originals

Woodpecker – Ullu originals

Sunny Winter

Ishq Kills

Two souls in love who swears to be together are entraped in old family traditions, dwelling between Love and Death. Who will they choose – Passion or Convention ? Watch “Ishq Kills”

Love Festival -Riti riwaj

Smart Phone

When a woman using a smartphone moulds herself in Urban circumstances with unique ways. A common reality in an uncommon way,

Love is Blind

wife who is in regret for falling in love with a much younger man.. while the husband apologizes for cheating her too.

Water Wives – Riti Riwaj

Pyaas – Charmshuk

A Desperate wife is on a Mission to achieve her Physical satisfaction anyhow. Watch Charmsukh – Pyaas Releasing on 13th of March.

The Bull of Dalal Street

Not just living but commanding your dreams the way you want to, is called an “achievement”.. Master stoke is when you rule over the dreams of thousands !!True story of 90’s – The baap of share market fiasco – The Bull of Dalal Street.

Trapped – Charmshuk

Khul Ja Sim Sim

Don, Katta bhaiya is all set to tie the knot with Simran. But, Simran’s husband wants to oppose him at any cost. How will Simran handle this situation? What she will choose love or needs?

sauda – Charmshuk

Ullu App web series name list


Sautela Pyaar- Charmshuk

Degree wala Teacher -Charmshuk

D- Code Dewangi

Her life is tossed by her mom from an edge of unexpected dreams and the fall has really shaken her husband.

Kaamwali Bhai – Charmshuk

Kaamwali Bhai - Charmshuk

Paajama Party – Charmshuk



After being in a long and healthy relationship guy decides to propose his girl for marriage. But the proposal night turns in a big shock for both. Find out what is the big secret hidden in that evening?


Karna Zaruri hai – Charmshuk

Ek Khwaap – Charmshuk

Size Matters – Ullu Originals

Manpreet is a virgin with desire of good life partner. Akash falls in love with her. Why does size matters for Manpreet? What is her demand for marriage? Will Manpreet accept Akash?



Struggle between a naughty wife and a chocolate boy to make love, Watch a rare combination of fun and suspense CAUGHT,

Mona Home Delivery

Mona Home Delivery

Mona regained all what she lost by finding hope in a contract killer, pity in a virgin groom, need in a rock-star, fame in dance but, what is it that is still making her incomplete? Is it the urge which she can only find in something that people call freedom.



The moving story of life on the slum of Bombay and the Remarkable true life of Mumbai


A woman willingly chooses a path of compromise on her own will.She goes ahead and makes a family among four husbands and one child.The fifth brother is a city educated person and refuses to follow this tradition. The story unfolds her trying to win over this fifth brother through greed, jealousy and manipulation. Why is she so desperate to sacrifice till this extend in her life?

3g- gaali galoc girls

3g- gaali galoc  girls

The Host

The Host

A couple searches for a low budget shelter and gets a lavish bungalow instead! The lavishness came with its own secrets which turned over everything! Lets us know in the comments what you think can be the possibilities?

Dance Bar – Ullu originals

Dhanraj Shikhavat , a Business tycoon falls in love with Ayesha, a bar dancer. She asks for three things to fulfill his desire to get laid with her. His desires come true but in the morning man find himself in a strange situations. There happens the unexpected.

The Cottage

What happens on a dark night when a beautiful girl Saisha asks for lift from Jason and takes him to a haunted cottage. Is Saisha real or a spirit? Will Jason be able to come out of his girlfriend’s hallucinations?

Anniversary Surprise

Anniversary Surprise

A romantic gateway of Raj and Priyanka at resort takes twist when they witness a murder on their wedding anniversary. The tale of suspense begins and too many questions remain unanswered.



Gupta Ji falls in love with Shabnam, a prostitute. She has a makeup box. When Shabnam dies, Guptaji takes the box to his home. The box turns his wife and daughter into a prostitute. How he will save his wife and daughter and how would he get away with the box?

Wanna Have a good time

Wanna Have a good time

Dubeji and Boys