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popeyes chicken sandwich

popeyes chicken sandwich

Get ready to know the facts of America’s Best Chicken Popeyes chicken Sandwich .

Now every one going gaga Over the New Sandwich Sensation .

Actually what Happened : It all Started in August when Popeye partnered with Sweet Dixie Kitchen to create a recipe for Brunch , They launched chicken Sandwich in early august . The company tweeted about it and it got a good response. Then Chick-fil-a came out with a tweet of their own responding to it claiming owner ship of the Recipe and Popeye’s replied to them and people went bonkers. Then all these companies started promoting their own chicken sandwiches on twitter and it set off this whole thing. Popeye’s got a lot of attention and people flocked to try out their sandwich to the point it sold out in several locations.

Restaurant Corporate War had Just Begun with This Sandwich , According to Yahoo Finance Reports , Popeye’s Saw Traffic to its restaurant spiked by 103% on wednesday .

The recipe for the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is very simple , a butter milk battered and a hand- breaded chicken filet toasted on Bun , topped with Pickles .

Popeyes got More than 3,100 Locations Nationwide . Restaurant Brands Acquired Popeyes for $1.8 Billion in 2017 .

According to International Business Times Reports , Popeyes Earned between $20 Million to $ 23 Million , Thanks to the Hype Created .

Popeye’s Rival CFA ( Chick- Fil – A ) is in news for their controversial Remark on LGBT community , Received several backlash from Customers.

Several Youtubers who do food reviews , already starting reviewing Popeyes Chicken sandwich , which are going viral .

This video Describes how People are going Crazy about New Popeyes Chicken Sandwich .

Few people going extreme steps to get that Hot Chicken sandwich , after Waiting Long hours .

This is the Situation Right now – Image source : Reddit