Who is Nesamani

who is nesamani

While every one was busy with JCB Memes , now #Prayfornesamani became viral and every one is searching for the term “Who is Nesamani “.

Contractor Nesamani is film character played by Vadivelu. From the Movie Friends 2001 Played by Surya and Vijay.

Friends is a Malayalam Remake with the Same name,

Telugu Actor Nagarjuna and Sumanth Akkineni Remaked this movie in Telugu as “Snehamante Idera”.

In the Place of Vadivelu, comedian Bramhanandam Was replaced as Contractor Gopalam.

Now twitterati Taken the front seat in making it viral .

What Actually Happened to Nesamani ?

When a Pakistani Meme Page Asked About a Construction tool ,

soon a tamil film lover connected to this post and added some masala to this post soon another person replied to his comment .

Believed it was true and Started to pray for him with a hashtag #prayfornseamani .

This Hashtag instantly became viral when some Tamil people also joined it this fun and many celebrities and Organisations prayed their Tribute to Unforgettable nesamani.

Few Memes: