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Dulhan Farar – Neonx Originals Unrated (2022)

Cast : Gargi , Vishal and Anu

Story : Neonx originals story Bride Runaway from his own wedding, because she doesn’t want get married with that guy, so she was on run. Suddenly she met a guy he was a Groom who was also on a run, He also don’t want to marry with that girl. Co-incidentally They both met each other and they started sharing what has happened with them and then they both become a good friend, the Groom asked the bride how long will be the friendship, On that the groom said for lifetime. After all that they started dating each other and they also got married to each other, After their marriage the bride and groom was celebrating the first night but groom was unhappy with her husband because he was unable to satisfied his wife, they both got into a situation where they started fighting. After the Fight groom left the room And Suddenly Grooms Father Entered the room, she was fully naked siting in the corner crying, her father in law came to her and said don’t worry if my son is not able to fulfill your physical needs.

candy Shot Unrated _-NeonX Originals (2022)

Cast : Eecha and Anirudh

Story : The tasty milky Indian bath by a couple. Watch this exclusive Candy Episodes that will truly relax your eyes. 

Release Date :25th July 2022

Pussy Cat Unrated (2022)

Cast : Eecha and Massy

Story : Pussy cat is an Indian Web series. The story is in between the two girls where they are desperate to have romance in between them, what happened next

Naqaab (2022) NeonX OriginalsUnrated

Story : This is an interesting uncut story. Her husband on honeymoon night came to her in police dress and said all jewel which you are wearing actually that are stolen jewel. What happened next.

Release Date : 3rd July 2022

Hidden Romance (2022) NeonX Originals Unrated

Cast : Gargi , Preeti , Aryan

Release Date : 7th July 2022

Story : Here is a Bollywood story between a pilot and air hostess working at the same place who have been stalking each other for a long time but couldn’t open up to each other even when they were adults. Every day she’s at work doing her best to keep the passengers happy. One day, she found out that the pilot was the person she’d been waiting for. After her shift was over, she went to the airport and patiently waited for him to return from his flight. When he landed, she waited at the gate to greet him. Finally the handsome guy summoned up his courage to ask her out on the internet though the lady had been expecting his move. The two haven’t seen each other for some couple of weeks now after their last flight and now a new one has come up. The guy has already made his move and the air hostess responded “I will give my reply when we meet ”. One day they were in the same flight, but the pilot forgot to create a rapport with the airhostess. The plane landed and they both went to a resort. They stare at each other for 20 seconds. He kissed her, romance happened and he finally gave her a ring. Next morning They hugged each other and took their flight off.

Falaq Bhabhi (2022) NeonX Originals Unrated

Cast : Preeti and Aryan

Release Date : 18th july 2022

Story : Devar offered a pair of jeans as a gift to bhabhi. Bhabhi raised objections, saying she is overweight. Devar responded that she is not, and the conversation then turned to bhabhi’s waist size for jeans, devar made her stand while pretending to measure her waist by putting hands around her partially exposed waist. Devar lost control and grabbed the bhabhi more forcefully from behind, but she was doing nothing to free herself at the same time. Devar hands were on her waist and lips were on her earlobes. It was so instant and so intense. Devar simply twisted bhabhi around so she was now facing devar, and they got into a tight lip-lock like a Bollywood scene. What came next were a few more of these misadventures throughout the ensuing years, up until devar moved far away from her.

Naqaab 2 (2022)

Cast : Eecha and anirudh

Release date : 23 july 2022

Story : In the first episode of Naqaab, we saw that the husband likes to have as another character, wearing a police mask on his honeymoon spends the night with his wife, when his wife comes to know about this, then she also wears the mask of the worker and woos the husband. husband hands were on her waist and lips were on her earlobes. It was so instant and so intense. husband simply twisted wife around so she was now facing husband, and they got into a tight lip-lock like a Bollywood scene.

Hot Wife (2022)

Cast : Preeti , Punit , Aryan

Story : The husband takes his new Behai wife on a honeymoon to surprise her. The Husband gets shocked seeing his wife’s new avatar. Seeing the appearance of his wife, the husband gets mad and starts kissing her by pulling her towards him. The wife also starts kissing like him. It was so instant and so intense, and they got into a tight lip-lock like a Made for each other.

Deshi Bhabhi (2022)

Cast: Mecccy and Anirudh

Story : Amazing hot sx with Brothers wife! constantly saying : Bhabhi please.. Only one time fk!! Indian Bengali Bhabhi lives with her husband but he is very thin and stually weak! Could not f my bhabhi hardly! She manages her smart, handsome devor! They fks while her husband outside!!

Treatment (2022)

Cast : Eecha , meccy and Anirudh

Release Date : 8th August

Story : Watch a nail-biting, edge of seat uncut and bold Web series inspired by a 50y/o man, who’s suffering from Erectile dysfunction. He finally managed to find a two girls who have successfully treated countless patients including celebrities, lolly and poly gave him cure i.e. S therapy. Lolly and poly started giving him unique s therapy every night. Soon, patients ED has been successfully treated.

Maya (2022)

Cast : Borwny and nicks

Story : Sexy bar girl fall in love with young boy and they have decided for their first room date!! Wow i can’t wait to watch their hot real … Indian handsome boy hardly manage his girlfriend for room dating. She had never full night but this is the first time he is going to have girlfriend!!

Rangoli (2022)

Story : Her husband lives in abroad and she is single in Hyderabad… There is nobody for fucking with her! Without sx how she will live? she realize her landlord son follow her and she decide to give him scope to come close! watch till the end .

Santarewali (2022)

Story : Your Favorite Santarewali coming soon at your doorstep to delivered the santarewali web series for you This story is of a santarewali who sells santre by door to door for her bread & butter but unfortunately she find a guy whom she started liking and because of him she visited his house every day to sell santare The guy saw her everyday but he used to ignore her, he doesn’t know what’s on her mind , Santarewali started to talk to that guy in a friendly manner, as the days pass by the santarewali started talking with him like she is seducing him, than the guy realize that santrewali need some thing else ????

Fancy Teacher (2022)

Cast : Sapna Sharma and Nikks

Story : I left Sandhya Mam’s house and reached my house. My mind could not stop thinking about the incident that took place between my hot teacher and me. I called her to check how she feels, she disconnected the call. I sent My Fantasy Teacher a message saying I miss her and love to f her again.

Ohh Baby (2022)

Cast : Sapna Sharma and Nikks

Story : Conversation opened. 1 unread message. She wore her Pink Skirt down with her Transparent panties and was trying to balance herself — badly — on the toilet bowl, which already bore the marks and scars of a full night of humanity’s passing by. I couldn’t see her face, covered by her long dark hair, but could see everything else that was to see. She didn’t realise I was there, not immediately, not until she was almost falling down — toilet bowls are slippery — and as she was falling down, I let go of my drink and held her from falling. She didn’t say a word, and I didn’t say a word. She reassessed her balance, helping herself with my body next to her. I hold her hand while she finished her business, looking myself straight in the eyes with her wide, caramel coloured ones. All I knew in that moment was beauty

Tharki Bhabhi (2022)

Story : Indian Bengali Bhabhi lives with her husband but he is very thin and secually weak! Could not fk her hardly! she realized her tailor followed her and she decided to give him scope to come close! She managed her smart, handsome tailor! She decide to fks while her husband outside!! She was wearing a saree, and looking very sy!! A tailor comes to the house to take measurements of the blouse. Within a few minutes they get free and suddenly he touches her body!!

Fraud Salesman (2022)

Story : Savita Bhabhi turned back from the mirror and Salesman saw her pallu in her hand and both her s firmly in the

Hungry Girls (2022)

Rangeeli Bahu (2022)

cast :Arvi and Anu

Wild Side (2022)

Story : The wife keeps trying different ways to get closer to her husband every time. This time the wife comes in her wild side avatar. The husband also gives equal support to his wife. Going forward, we both get to see our own wild side.

The Bite NeonX Originals (2022)

Story : It was A wife’s Birthday the hubby decides to plan an amazing birthday surprise. So like, usual he had a lot of time in advance and thought that he will turn the world from head to toe and make things happen just the way he wants and make his wife happy for sure. So, for the starters, he started with planning a birthday surprise. He planned everything in his head, everything right from the beginning to the end, all he wanted to do. But then there was still this doubt was he up to the mark? Amidst a lot of confusion and brainstorming, he still felt reluctant about his birthday plan and was not very keen about the execution part. After all that he was planning for what was the Birthday Surprise Gift for Wife, he wanted to give her everything. Everything! A surprise birthday party and surprise birthday gifts for wife and many things more to it! He was very confused as to how could he give an amazing and wonderful, birthday gift for wife. He Decided To give her princess dress, and in that dress he took a very good photo shoot after all this his wife was very happy and in return wife provided him something beautiful which every hubby want from her wife……

Rowdy Girls (2022)

Story : My trainer was young and his name was Amit. He was muscular (hope he still is) and have good abs. He is a good instructor and trains everyone in a strict manner. He seems to know everything about exercise, food, yoga, martial arts and sports. So, you could imagine how fit his body could be. He was married and has two kids. Since his practice’s yoga and a balanced workout, he looks young like 25 even at the age of 41.

Billo Bhabhi (2022)

Story : She came closer to me. She had reached very close so that nothing can come between us. Not even a thin air. Soon, she dropped her sari on the floor.

Raseeli Malkin (2022)

Shanta kand (2022)

Khujli (2022)

Story : A girl was having itching problem, The problem Was Critical, She was Unable To Handle The Problem Of Her Itching. So she decided To Call Her Friend Rita And Rita Provided Her A Number Of Doctor Whose name Was Dr.Khujli…

Rajjo Darling NeonX Originals (2022)

Story : Rajjo Married To A guy who Stay In Mumbai but he Stay very Far From City, Rajjo Was Fed Up After She Came To Mumbai With her Husband, But After Seeing His husband house She Was Happy And Then They Spent Their First Night….

Shaukeen Bhauji NeonX Originals(2022)

Story : There is a man who comes to our road with a push cart selling vegetables and fruits. He has a habit of taking apples or oranges in his hand showing it to ladies while touching it in a certain manner,

Honeymoon (2022)

Story : After marriage, a custom comes for the bride and groom on the first night, which we call the honeymoon. This first night is very confusing for every newlywed, while on the other hand both the boy and the girl are very curious the first night. The excitement of this first night can be on many levels in men and women. There are many such expressions in the mind of both of them for the first night which become a cause of fear or panic, Before marriage, many types of thoughts keep coming in the youth about their first night, thinking about the first night as much as they expect from their marriage, there is a fear in their mind, about the first night of marriage. The fear or uneasiness that happens in girls, almost the same panic happens in boys.

Changu Mangu (2022)

Story : Changu & Mangu Were Brothers, In Childhood Their Parents passed Away, so they Were raised by their Uncle Who Loved the A lot because of Them he never Try For his own Children. The Story of Changu & Mangu Is Vey Strange, They Were brothers but always they Used to Fight for the Same Things. As They wanted The Same thing but not different. As the days pass by Changu Mangu Grown Up But their Habit Remains the Same. Now the Interesting part Of Their Life Is that They both love The Same Girl and Wanted to Marry the Same Girl ….

Misti Bala NeonX Originals (2022)

Story : MISTI BALA Is A girl Who Is Very Sweet Girl. But She Is Very Wild While She Is with her Husband During Night.

Rajjo Darling 2 NeonX Originals(2022)

Story : Rajjo married To Guy Who Stay In Mumbai But She Was frustrated After Knowing that Her Husband Stay far Away from Mumbai But After Seeing His house She was happy. And then They Spent Thier First night. After All This 1 year pass away and Again On Anniversary they Spent The Night together…

Gulaboo NeonX Originals (2022)

Story : This is Story of Newly married Couple. But After Their Marriage They Don’t Spend A beautiful Time Like A newly married Couple, Because of This There was some Arguments between husband and Wife. After that Husband Decide to give some time to her wife so they decided to have romance in their traditional language.

Aunty No .1 (2022)

Story : This is story of widow woman who stay with her daughter in law, her is son aboard for work they both stay alone. Her daughter in law is quite modern she love to do all fashionable things she doesn’t do any house hold work. One day she called two young college students as paying guest. Her daughter in law make some plan and ask the boys to have her mother in law….

Naina Bhabhi (2022)

Story : This is story of woman who married a guy who always stay aboard for work, but this woman got stuck into household work she never had time to herself, so that she could spend a good time with her husband but her husband is always aboard for work. Now she decide to get physical with her husband brother…

Pizza Boy (2022)

Story : A woman who stays alone, her husband lives aboard for, she is hungry for her physical needs, she was very curious about her physical needs. One day she order a pizza, and when pizza boy come to deliver the pizza she think its a good opportunity to fulfil her physical needs…

Fantasy Teacher 2

Story : I left Sandhya Mam’s house and reached my house. My mind could not stop thinking about the incident that took place between my hot teacher and me. I called her to check how she feels, she disconnected the call. I sent My Fantasy Teacher a message saying I miss her and love to have her again. What next? watch till the end.

Starring : Kajal and Anuj

Gym Trainer

Story : Gym trainer is story of woman who want to became a good looking model like bollywood actress, she does exercise every day for that, but she was not a professional gym trainer so she need a help of gym trainer her friend had given her the no of gym trainer so she called him for the training but instead of training they started to do romance with each other.

Starring : arvi and Vickey

Rangeeli Bahu 3 (2022)

Story : Rangeeli bahu 3 is story you well known about that, her husband is aboard so she fulfill her physical need from her father in law, as year pass by her husband come for a holiday. Then she told all lies about her father in law to her husband, so her husband was angry and wanting to talk about this with his father, but her wife was to smart to tackle him and divert his mind from father in law to her .

Mohini Bhabhi (2022)

Story : Mohini bhabhi is story of women whose husband never loved her, her husband always spent night with some other women, who was a mistress of the husband, all this thing mohini came to know after two years of wedding, she was quiet upset, suddenly her husband brother come to meet her, mohini tell everything to her husband brother, her husband brother thinks that this is good opportunity to take advantage of a situations.

Starring : Hema and Anuj

Julie (2022)

Starring : Aiza and Anuj

Story : Julie Is Story of Girl whose dream was to become a air hostess but due to financial problem she became a waiter in a restaurant, But her financial condition was not good so she try to seduce a wealthiest customer at the restaurant

Faith Love (2022)

Story : The “FAITH LOVE” Is story Of Girlfriend & Boyfriend Where Both are busy in their own work they don’t provide time to each other properly. In that situation boyfriend decided to enjoy with some other girls. So he went to a resort in goa as he was enjoying his Girlfriend came know about all this stuff, She decided to catch her boyfriend red handed so she also came to go.

Starring : Shilpa Thakur and Sharukh

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