A modern day story of a Bengali couple, who are very rich. They live in their Bungalow with 8 servants working in, Husband is a renowned businessman, and he has to go for business trips frequently. Her wife is the Malkin of the house, But Husband’s excess work created a communication gap and resulted in tattered marriage. One day, Husband urgently has to go out of town, leaving Malkin alone. This makes her gloomy and miserable, To uplift her mood, Malkin decides to wear a saree. Soon, she begins to adorn herself. After few minutes, She felt that someone is watching her from the door’s keyhole. Malkin quickly opened the door and saw a servant who recently joined, was watching her. Servant becomes stunned, but he admits that Malkin’s beauty attracted him, and he couldn’t resist; Malkin replies to him with a flirty smile that says everything. Servant pushed her into the room and locked the door.


  • Pramlei
  • Sachin

Release Date

26 September 2021 (India)