Kylie Rae Harris

Kylie Rae Harris died in Car crash Wiki , Age , Height , Weight , Family , Networth and More .

Kyle Harris is Famous for Her song ” Rising Country ” She was killed in Three Vehicle car crash happened at New Mexico on Wednesday Night .

She was Scheduled to play in Taos on Thursday Night , but died in the Crash along with 16 year Old Driver .

Kyle is Surviving with her 6 Years Old Daughter , to whom her latest album “Twenty Years from Now “is dedicated to .

NameKylie Rae Harris
Date of Birth15 May 1989
Death4 September 2019 (Car Crash )
FamilyFather – yet to be Updated
Mother – unknown
Daughter – Corbie ( 6 years old )
Husband – Unknown
Marital statusSingle
Birth placeWylie , Texas , USA
Zodiac SignTaurus
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlue

Facts and News about Kylie :

Kyle Didn’t want to Disclose about her Family , her Company name after her Daughter corbie

By age 12, Kylie knew singing is what she wanted to do with her life. Her mother enrolled her in a vocal camp thinking that would “get it out of her system.” It was like throwing kerosene on a fire, but she nearly extinguished the fire when after high school Kylie spent a year in an abusive relationship that ended with her in trouble with the law. It was a dark period where she alienated nearly everyone important to her. That’s when she wrote Change, an autobiographical song that is both an explanation of a lifestyle and reminder to keep moving forward – to change.

To underestimate the importance of music to Kylie is to underestimate how piercing her blue eyes can be. Sure, Kylie loves to talk (a lot), meet people, network, shop for 70’s retro clothes (yes, she has a collection of bell bottoms), be outside, ride horses, hang out around a campfire with a guitar in hand and sit on her front porch for quiet moments of reflection and recharging. However, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to pass Kylie late at night cruising the streets slamming a can – or three – of Red Bull with music blaring and her singing at the top of her lungs.

“Music has always been in me,” she said. “I have to do it. This is all or nothing for me. I’m going to be writing and singing music the rest of my life whether I’m broke or not so I might as well go for it.”

But she’ll also never forget the road trips in that Suburban from her family’s home in Wylie, Texas, northeast of Dallas, to the rolling hills hidden beneath East Texas forests. She loved those.