India Beats japan as Second best Steel Producer

india beats japan

India has become the second largest steel producing country in the world. According to the World Steel Association, China is ranked first in steel production. China’s share in global steel production is 51 percent. World Steel’s latest report said that China’s Raw Steel production increased by 6.6 percent to 92.83 million tonnes in 2018. It was 87.09 million tonnes in 2017. China’s share in global steel production increased from 50.3 percent to 51.3 percent.

List of top 10 countries in the world

In the top 10 steel producing countries, the United States is fourth in production with 8.67 million tonnes.
After that, South Korea (fifth with 7.25 million tonnes), Russia (sixth with 7.17 million tonnes), Germany (seventh with 4.24 million tonnes), Turkey (8th with 3.73 million tonnes), Brazil (3.47 million tonnes) Ninth) and Iran (10th with 25 million tons). In other countries, Italy produced 2.45 million tonnes of steel last year. France produced 1.54 million tonnes and Spain produced 1.43 million tonnes.

According to the report, India’s crude steel production has increased by 4.9 per cent to 10.65 million tonnes in 2018, which was 10.15 million tonnes in 2017.

 It has been reported in the report that in 2018 global steel production was 4.6 per cent higher and 180.86 million tonnes, which was 172.98 million tonnes in 2017.