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Hottest Careers in 21st Century

Hottest careers of 21st century

There are Hundreds of different types of Jobs that people do everyday across the whole world.Here are few interesting careers would be good for few experienced Persons looking to explore in different Verticals .

1.Cultural Advisors

Cultural Advisers Help People to Understand different cultures and train them to Deal with Cultural Differences , Cultural Advisers works with Individuals from Different Cultural Heritages .Different Cultures have different Attitude , Dressing and Practices regarding dress , food and Relationships .

Due to Increased migration from different countries , people may come across with Different Cultures which leads to culture shock , to overcome this, Many Organisations deploy Cultural Advisers to Educate them .

Salary Median : $70,000 Per year .

Salary Earnings and Benefits :

According to www.stateuniversity.com The Median Salary of Cultural Adviser in United States is $70,000 . Freshers or intermediate Candidates can Expect around $ 30,000 to $50,000 Per Year , While Senior Cultural Manager can earn around $ 110,000 Per year

Education Requirements : Bachelor Degree

For More Information one Can visit : https://www.state.gov/m/fsi/tc/

2. Sex Life Advisers

The arrival of Technology and Communication had changed the life of Sexual Desires and Preference of People . Sexual Advisers are increasing rapidly and became on of the hottest and Top career in 21st century Sex Advisers will provide advice to individuals on healthy relation ships ,Premature Ejaculation , Low sex drive , vaginal Dryness , STD prevention , Contraception , Digital Sex , Sexual identity and Sex therapy .

Doctors , Nurses and Social Workers may Opt to work in this field .Many Organisations Conduct Training courses , short terms to become sexual Advisers .

Salary : $ 40,000 Per Year

Future Employment : There will be more than 5% more sexual advisers Jobs in 2023 Source : Lifepilot.co.uk

For More Info :

3. GIS ( Geographical Information System ) Analyst

GIS analyst builds and Maintain GIS database and uses GIS Software to analyze the Spatial and Non – spatial Information in Them .A GIS expert’s jobs is already a well known Profession in many Developed countries , small organisations and Government are making use of these GIS experts services , Their daily activities may include entering various types of data into GIS databases, such as text or spreadsheet files of latitude and longitude coordinates, tabular data, aerial or satellite imagery ,Compile data for statistics to incorporate into documents and reports,Build, manipulate, and update databases,Enter new map data using cartographic principles,Analyze and model relationships between geographic data sets
Operate and maintain GIS system hardware, software, and peripherals
Present information to clients and stakeholders in verbal or written format.

Salary :

The median annual wage for cartographers was $57,440 as of May 2012. They made the most in the federal government ($84,850). Those in local government made $57,780, while those in management, scientific, and technical consulting services earned $57,180. GIS specialists working in architectural, engineering, and related services made $55,260, while those in state government made $51,910.Create maps and graphs, using GIS software and data collection equipment.

4. Geriatric Specialist

A geriatrician is a physician who specializes in geriatrics, the branch of medicine dealing with senior health and the prevention and treatment of disability and disease in old age. Geriatricians often work as part of a treatment team with other primary care providers, focusing on helping older patients who have multiple health problems or complex conditions.individuals and the society are also looking forward to having a happier and healthier older generation. The demand for geriatric specialits, in medicine , paramedical and social service will increase in the coming years .

Salaries : $183,523 Per Year

A corresponding survey by the American Medical Group Association reported a median income of $187,602 for geriatric medicine within its membership. While these represent a generous income by most standards, they’re less than a physician could earn in the first year of practice in other specialties.

For More Knowledge : www.bgs.org.uk

More Interesting careers will be updated Soon