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Hotshots App is an OTT app , which became sensational in News after arrest of Raj Kundra, Basically Hotshots app content is based on Erotica and Semi nudity , Hotshots App content is produced by Hotshots Digital Pvt Limited .

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Blackmail Pe Blackmail Cast – Hotshots App

Blackmail Pe BlackMail Cast

Story : A security guard blackmails two women but that is the start of the vicious circle of blackmail par blackmail.

  • Pallavi patil
  • Kavya
  • Siddhart Dubey
  • gaurav Singh

2.The Weekend 202 Unrated (2020) HotShots App

Story : Mayur finds his employee Ratan stealing a valuable file, he is going to report this incident to the board members and have Ratan imprisoned, but he also is willing to ignore the incident on one condition. He makes an indecent proposal to Ratan wanting to spend a passionate weekend with his wife and wants Ratan to be there to watch the entire ordeal. Ratan fearing his life and career convinces his wife and both arrive at Mayur’s doorstep. Here is where Ratan has to face the biggest truth of his life. Let’s find out how the weekend goes.

  • Rekha Mona Sarkar
  • Shakespear
  • Sachin Sharma

3. Dhaleez (2020) Unrated – Hotshots app

  • Lakshya handa
  • Ritikia Ansari
  • Riya Thakur

4. Noorie (2020) Unrated cast

 Noorie (2020) Unrated cast
  • Bonny D’Souza
  • Khushi Mukherje
  • Khushi Saxena
  • Vivan

5.Eye Ditcher (2020) Unrated

Eye Ditcher (2020) Unrated

Story : Prateek a professional conman has cheated many people. He is a wanted criminal on the loose. He meets a beautiful girl and for the first time he doesn’t con her and infact he falls in love with her, while they share a passionate and romantic relationship the reality of each others life unfolds and Prateek being a wanted con man was the harsh reality that Meghna the girl he is love with has to face. Let’s find out what path she chooses after knowing the truth.

  • Gunnjan Aras
  • Raj Dev Gaur
  • Ankur Tyagi

6. The Muse (2020) Unrated

The Muse (2020) Unrated

Story : A young successful painter is about to finish her Master piece,she is happy as she is finally getting married to her fiance everything is great in her life. suddenly one fine morning she feels dizziness and she falls down on the ground when she wakes up she finds herself lying in the bed and according to doctors she is paralysed for life,her fiance who was in so much in love with her abandons her,according to him he can not live like this with a person who is as good as dead and love is not enough to hold on,her sister leaves her as well to live her life , she has lost all hope,when a doctor comes in her life and helps her to recover. Will she recover from her sickness ? Will she find love again ? Will she be able to finish her half finished master piece ?

7.ZID (2020) Unrated cast

Story : ZID is a story of two women, A rich widow who is longing for true love in her life and the other one who is married working as a beautician struggling hard to make ends meet and desperately wants to be rich at any cost. This story is all about how both achieve what they seek from life Watch ZID to find out how Loneliness & Greed find their places in both these Woman’s lives.

  • Ankita Dave
  • Mayra Dixit
  • Adil Shaik
  • Sujail

8. Contract (2020) Unrated Cast

Contract (2020) Unrated Cast

Story : The story revolves around a guy named Rajiv, who gets disappointed when his Contract doesn’t get approved in spite of his hard work. Due to this all his dreams and family plans get shattered. When his wife Priya comes to know about it from her mutual friend Nidhi, she makes a plan to get the Contract approved. Let’s find out what boundaries she is willing to cross to see her husband successful.

  • Simran Kapoor
  • Payas Pandit
  • Sumit Singh
  • Hitesh Sharma

9. Guilt (2020) Unrated Cast

 Guilt  (2020) Unrated Cast

Story : It’s a journey of a con woman, how she plans, cheats, and manipulates everyone & lives her life lavishly until one day where she meets a con man who bluffs her and changes her life forever with a brutal reality check. It is all about “Karma” and “Guilt” To know what has happened and how karma treats you watch “GUILT”

  • Gehana Vasisth
  • Pooja Shelatkar
  • Lakshya Handa
  • Naksh Upadhyay
  • Sujeet Swami

10. Kinaya (2020) uncut cast

Kinaya (2020) uncut cast

Story : It is a story of a timid wife who is taken away from her mundane life and is shown a world of debauchery by a wealthy online-publisher who pushes her sexual limits to the brink, to discover the realms of carnal pleasures hidden inside her. The story shows an extreme part of a human personality which is purely carnal, dipped in the potion of lust. It reminds us of the fact that their lives Kinaya is each of us.

  • Ankush Rampal
  • Nastiya Roy
  • Shivan
  • Sourav

11.Trapped (2020) Unrated

Trapped (2020) Unrated

Story : Shantanu and Samrat are good friends and are facing a financial crisis and are looking for a shortcut to make money. In desperate need, Shantanu decides to do the unthinkable by planning a robbery in a nearby house. He speaks into the house with stealth and silence but never in his wildest dreams imagined what he would find there, a boy and a girl making erotic love with pleasure. His desperate mind works rapidly and he records a video of the duo. And from here on Shantanu finds a solution to his worries, a Golden ticket, but let’s find out how long this will last.

The Last Truth (2020)

Story : Maya is happily married to Malik, they are trying to have a baby together. One day Malik finds pregnancy Kit in the washroom tested positive and gets too excited as after 5years of trying to be a father God fulfilled his wish, nevertheless he knew that fate will play another game with him. On Valentine\u0027s day, he decides to surprise Maya and break the news that he knows she was pregnant as his curiosity was increasing as to why Maya has not told him about being pregnant. He told Maya that he will be traveling, but that was part of his plan. He buys her a gift and was the happiest man that day. But the tables turned when his surprise was shattered as Maya gave him the most shocking surprise in bed with another man called Purushottam, destroyed by the thought he yet may not be a father he chooses a fatal path.

  • Vrinda Desai
  • Bonny DsouZa
  • Allauddin Shaik

I Bet (2020) Unrated

Story : A couple is in a live in relationship, the guy is from a well to do background and hence knowing the truth his girlfriend maintains an abusive relationship with him so that the luxuries are taken care of. One fine day the boyfriend challenges his girlfriend for a game in which the loser has to do whatever the winner asks. The girlfriend loses the challenge and she is asked to order a cake and strip naked in front of the delivery boy, whilst doing the same she will have to record the entire act. Upon hearing this the girlfriend at first resists to do such a thing however she is taken aback when her boyfriend threatens to leave her if she doesn’t complete this challenge. Fearing the loss of a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle the girlfriend agrees to it and builds a plan of her own. Watch “I Bet” to find out what exactly the girlfriend plans when the cake delivery boy arrives at her doorstep for delivery.

  • Mahi Kaur
  • Rohan Verma
  • ShahBaaz
  • Bhargav Sagar

Game Plan (2020) Unrated

Story : Two best friends plan to meet at a house party, just like a regular couple party the night sets in romantically with and a few drinks one of the couples start making out, then other girl gets uncomfortable with the situation decides to leave but then convinced by the others they decided to stay not knowing what this decision could cost them. The head into their rooms and make passionate love, but here is where the truth unfold and one of the guys actually fantasizes his friend\u0027s girlfriend, his girlfriend finds about this and she makes a deal with him in which he can be with his friend\u0027s girlfriend, but the price he has to pay is as a dark and revengeful truth. Lest find out what ends they will go to.

  • Pallavi Vawale (Alissa Belly )
  • Smayera Khan
  • Aaditya Pandey
  • Tarun Sharma

Love and Lust (2020) Unrated

Story : Two best friends Riya and Asmita are living together and are involved in an intimate relationship. One day Asmita invites her old friend Rishi to come and stay with them as he is new in town and is looking for a job. Riya on the other hand has her plans and gets intimately involved with Rishi. Watching them together Asmita gets a panic attack and starts behaving abnormal. Watch Love and Lust to find out what happens next when Riya learns the truth about Asmita.

  • Aashhi Roy
  • Akshitha Agnihotri
  • Rishab
  • Krishna
  • Deepak

The Interview (2020) unrated cast

Story : The Interview is a lust story where two girls conduct a fake interview hiring two guys and promising them a job on the basis of their performance in bed. They are taken to separate rooms and then seduced by the girls. One of them realizes the situation and bails out. The guy is left alone and has to perform with both girls now.

  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Zohra Mughal
  • Ankit Raj
  • Ishanth Raj

Foreplay (2020) Unrated

Story : A salaried professional Rohan returns from work one day and is sitting relaxed in house surfing his mobile, suddenly he receives a notification on his mobile which is from an online dating app, to kill the boredom Rohan logs in to the dating app and creates his profile. In some time he finds his match Sofia, both introduce themselves and soon they become good friends. Sofia gets very impressed with the way Rohan interacts on chat and they exchange their numbers. One fine day they both get intimately involved and perform websex. Rohan always asks Sofia to meet him however Sofia rejects with some reason or other, one fine day Rohan loses his patience and admits to Sofia that he wants to have a physical relationship with her. Sofia informs Rohan that she would like to end this friendship and disconnects her call, Rohan keeps trying Sofia’s number however it remains switched off, Rohan is getting crazy day by day and with lot of efforts he manages to get Sofia’s residence address. Rohan reaches Sofia’s home and meets her mother he insists on meeting Sofia. Watch Foreplay to find out what happens next when Rohan learns the reality behind Sofia’s sudden disappearance.

  • Akshitha Agnihotri
  • Ayan Rajput
  • Geet Nikharge

LockDown 2.0 (2020) Unrated

Story : Three Friends plan a holiday at a farmhouse with their girlfriends, one of them is a rich and arrogant businessman, the second one is a corrupt police officer and the third one is a middle-class average earner who wants to set his girlfriend with his businessman friend for money. The Businessman’s girlfriend is an actress and a high-profile escort no one know this secret except the police officer, the police officer’s girlfriend is very loyal and possessive in her relationship and the third ones girlfriend is greedy for money. They all have their plans for the holiday. While they are stuck amid the lockdown at the farmhouse, the businessman friend’s girlfriend dies a mysterious death and her body is found in the swimming pool. Watch “Lockdown 2.0” to find out what exactly happens? Who kills the girlfriend? Will they survive the lockdown?

  • Tanvi Patil
  • Praveen Singh
  • Divya Singh
  • Aditya Pande
  • Ajay Gurjar

Family (2020) Unrated

Story : Mamta, a single mom, raises her daughter Soumya with a lot of care after the demise of her husband Mahesh. Mamta has been working hard to make her ends meet and raise her daughter by offering her good education and a comfortable lifestyle whilst she is studying at the hostel. Being a single parent Mamta finds solace in her husband’s friend Anil who happens to be Mamta’s business partner too. Anil is a good human and desperately wants to become a part of Mamta and her daughters life however is not sure how will Soumya react when she learns about her mother’s relationship with Anil. Soumya at last completes her college and leaves for home to pay a surprise visit to her mom. Watch ‘Family’ to find out what happens when Soumya finds out the truth. Will she accept the relationship her mother is into? OR will she turn wild?

  • Romita Sarkar
  • Lucy jha
  • Suraj
  • Vikas Tiwari

Nympho (2020) Unrated

Story : A journey of a girl with lustful desire and her desire to sleep with random people leads her to depression And then to death when she is unable to get emotional support from her family and friends. The story would have shades of her life, her family, and society’s reaction towards her and how they behave towards her when they come to know about her desires of life.

  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Amir Hussain
  • Salim Shaikh
  • Arjun Kumar Munteja

Section 307 (2020) Unrated

Story : The story revolves around a girl named Palak who stays alone in a bungalow and does a job in an IT company. She is single but loves to flirt with guys on dating sites Being flirty she also responds to an unknown caller and their conversation starts. Raman and Palak used to chat with each other 3 months before on a dating site but suddenly he disappeared and unexpectedly he called Palak today. At first, Palak finds it hard to recognize him but soon she finds out. After Apologizing, Raman manages to convince Palak to go on a date with him. They enjoy a romantic dinner in montages and as time passes, she starts seducing Raman, he lifts her in his arms and takes her into the bedroom where they have Passionate sex. The fear begins when she wakes up during the midnight and walks into the living room where Raman is watching television, she starts to play around and seduce him again sitting on his lap, accidentally the TV remote clicks and switches to the news. What you see from here will chill your bones.

Page 3 (2020) Unrated

Story : A newbie fashion Photographer Raj gets an aspiring project to conduct a photoshoot of a famous actress Sakshi. Sakhsi gets pleased by Raj’s work and invites him to her house to click few more pictures of her for an upcoming projects. Raj gets excited upon hearing this however is reluctant that his boss Mr. Khanna may not like it, Sakshi informs Raj that she has already briefed Mr. Khanna on this new assignment and he has approved of the same. Raj is very enthused by this and lands at Sakshi’s house on the decided day and time. Raj and Sakshi complete the shoot however during the process they both get sexually intimate. Raj is super thrilled to experience his first assignment worked so well and got him so close to a famous celebrity. Sakshi on the other hand had some other plans. Watch Page 3 to find out what happens when Raj learns about Sakshi’s intentions.A newbie fashion Photographer Raj gets an aspiring project to conduct a photoshoot of a famous actress Sakshi. Sakhsi gets pleased by Raj’s work and invites him to her house to click few more pictures of her for an upcoming projects. Raj gets excited upon hearing this however is reluctant that his boss Mr. Khanna may not like it, Sakshi informs Raj that she has already briefed Mr. Khanna on this new assignment and he has approved of the same. Raj is very enthused by this and lands at Sakshi’s house on the decided day and time. Raj and Sakshi complete the shoot however during the process they both get sexually intimate. Raj is super thrilled to experience his first assignment worked so well and got him so close to a famous celebrity. Sakshi on the other hand had some other plans. Watch Page 3 to find out what happens when Raj learns about Sakshi’s intentions.

  • sonia singh raput
  • Shakespear
  • Akshitha Agnihotri

Dream (2020) Unrated – Hotshots App

Story : Dream is a story of a lonely woman who has lost her husband , she is an avid reader of fictional books. She sometimes gets so engrossed with the stories that she imagines the story characters in her life . One night it so happens that Ketan a character from a book comes in her dreams and she starts imagining him . They have a good chat and make love . But suddenly the bell rings and she finds ketan missing from the bed. Soon the doorbell rings , to her great surprise she finds Ketan standing right in front of her . everything in her dream becomes a reality . So what is it ? Is it a fictional imagination or is it reality.

  • Poonam Rajput
  • Alqama Shaikh
  • Ankit Raj

Faasla 2020 Unrated

Story : Gunjan is a bubbly perky housewife, who likes to excite her husband, Sameer through nimpromptu sex. Once she seduces her husband as he is playing a game on his PlayStation.Yogi stays next door to them and sees this seduction and gets jealous.Sameer falls while fixing a bulb and breaks his leg and out of action for an year.After few days, Sameer catches Gunjan taring at Yogi as he washes his car. Sameer ensures interaction which leads to sparks flying between Yogi and Gunjan. After few days Sameer pretends to sleep and then watches Gunjan sneak out and have sex with Yogi in the neighboring bungalow, fulfilling his fantasy.

  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Ankit Raj
  • Vivek Naithani

Ambition (2020) Unrated

Story : This story of a girl full of ambitions. Riya is an accountant in a financial department office at a construction site. Due to her career and dreams, Riya is physically maintaining rails with her boss, while on the other hand, she is also maintaining a relationship of love with her colleague from the same office. It is not a big deal to be in two relationships in modern times. Rhea’s love for her career has convinced her to live this way. She cannot leave her boss and her boyfriend cannot leave her. Riya’s truth is one day revealed and she feels very sad and she doesn’t know how to leave all of this and stay in a happy relationship with her boyfriend. But is it too late for Riya as she calls this being ambitious but lust has overpowered her and she will go to any extent to satisfy her needs.

  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Harshith Joshi
  • Pravin Gundecha

The Deal (2020) Unrated – Hotshots App

Story : A story of a married couple living a luxurious lifestyle and Dhiraj is a businessman who ends up into big loss. He has lost all his money and their finances take a nosedive into debt. With 7 days to repay the Money Dhiraj reaches out to an old friend who is one of the biggest business tycoons of India. She invites them over to her villa for dinner. She agreed to help Dhiraj but also made an Indecent Proposal that Dhiraj has to sleep with her. Neha silenced as Dhiraj does not hesitate to agree as it is just a matter of one-night and he knows this is an easy way out of the debt and to continue living a lavish life. Let’s see this deal go through.

Colours of Night (2020) Unrated – HotShots App

Story : A damaged former psychologist finds himself attracted to a mysterious woman, who fulfills his most erotic desires. While the relationship becomes manipulative, it also becomes dangerous as the former doctor is talked by his patient’s murderer who will stop at nothing to kill him before he discovers the killer identity.

  • Khushi Jagtap
  • Akash Panchkoti
  • Amir Hussain

Good News Bad News (2020) Unrated – Hotshots App

Story : Aman and Sanjana have been married for 2 years now and like any family, both their families too are waiting for the good news specially Aman’s mother who is longing for a grandchild. Aman and Sanjana share a really passionate relationship and their sex life is amazing but not wanting to conceive in the first year as they wanted to enjoy their married life however now since the last year they have been tying They were following all do’s and dont’s to get pregnant but in vain. It is gradually revealed that Sanjana was on contraceptive pills as she did not want a child now but was only acting to keep Aman happy. Sanjana had plans for her future and did not want a child to be a hindrance in her career. Aman gets to know of this and asks Sanjana for a divorce. Watch the film to find out what happens next when Sanjana faces Aman.

Agent Mona (2020) Unrated – Hotshots App

Story : A sexy, brilliant special Agent receives a dangerous mission to kill an international terrorist Masood Khan. She is an iconoclastic female detective who is excellent at infiltrating the enemy’s boundary, but also has a dark side as she has a sexually deviant behavior but her will and desires lead her to do whatever it takes to complete the mission.

  • Pooja Lakshmi Joshi
  • Aswini ( hiral Radadiya )
  • Vikram Singh

Kill Him (2020) Unrated – Hotshots App

Story : A Terrified woman empowers herself in order to battle her abusive husband. Her husband is a man plagued by violence and a rage that is driving his wife to self-destruction. Her strength overcomes fear and weakness and leads her to decide her own fate. She hires an assassin to murder her husband, giving him clear instructions to erase the evidence after the job is done. But she makes sure herself that all the evidence is erased even the one she left behind.

  • Dhara Parikh
  • Suraj singh
  • Nishant Pandey