General knowledge

General Knowledge for every one :


  • Walt Disney got the inspiration for Mickey Mouse from a tame mouse at his desk at laugh-O -gram Studio in Kansas City , Missouri.Mortimer Mouse has been Disney’s original name for the character before his wife .Lillian,convinced him to change it and ultimately Mickey Mouse came to be .
Walt Disney
Walt Disney
  •  Ronald Wayne ,Also Known as the third Founder of Apple alongside Steve jobs and Steve Woznaik, Sold his shares for only $800 after 12 days working with the company , As of August 2017, if wayne had kept his 10% stake in Apple inc, it would have been worth over $75 billion .
Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne
  • Belgium Supplied Americans with the Uranium that was used for the atom bomb they dropped on Hiroshima.It came from congo,which was then a colony of belgium.
  • The Royal Bengal tiger is Bangladesh ‘s national animal .This majestic creature has a roar that can be heard up to 3 kilo meters away .Unfortunately.It is now an endangered species .

Bengal Tiger

  • Behrain is the home of the US Fifth Fleet which operates out of Navcent Bahrain in Juffair.Co-operation between the kingdom and the US has historically been strong and Bahrain pilots flew strikes in Iraq during the First Gulf War in 1991.
  • Raziya Sultana( 1205-1240) was the first woman ruler of Delhi .She was consider a great leader, through she ruled for only three years before being murdered .

Rajiya Sultana

  • Albert Einstein was born witha larger than Average size head .The doctors worried that it was a deformation and the Albert may have a form a retardation when he  grew older. Doctors later said the head was shaping proportionately and was Normal.

Albert Einstein

  • The U.S. President John .F. Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November ,1963 in Dallas,Texas .Two famous English writers Aldous Huxley and C.S Lewis also died on the same day .