Gandii Baat Season 5

gandii baat season 5

Gandii Baat Season 5 : Cast Names , Actors Name , Actress Names, Release date and more

Complete list of Gandii Baat Season 5 cast and crew :

Episdoe 1 : Erotic Tales of madhosh Madhan Cast :

There is no denying that loyalty is an essential aspect of every relationship (hear, hear!). But, what happens when the partner breaks your trust? (*sniffs softly*). Well, the first episode, ‘Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan’ shows you the ground reality of companionship, love, trust, and lust.

Lakshya Handa as Chandan
Shivam Khajuria as Tinka
Raj Rehman Ali as Monty
Mohit Gautham as dinesh
Guru Haryani as Ranjeet
Mamta Bajaj as Manju
Sataskhi Shorya as Neeli
Aalya singh as Sulekha Madam
Neelam Bhanushali as Beena Madam
Piyali Munsi as Lalitha Madam
Parichay Sharma as Puppy
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Epsiode 2 : Game of Love Cast

et’s face it: There are different forms of sexuality. So, brace yourselves because the second episode, ‘Game of Love’ of Gandii Baat 5 throws light on the various facets of sexuality in a brilliant manner.

Amika Sahil as Priyanka
Farman Haider as Santosh
Pooja Dey as Nandini
Annu Dayala as Priyanka’s Mom
Aditya Shukla as Sumer
Manesh Chaudary as Man 1
Krishna as Mamta
Mohini Bhagele as Diya
Shalini Pandey as Jahnavi
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Epsiode 3 :Happy Valentines day Cast

Budding emotions when channelled right can help teenagers understand their desires correctly. The third episode of Gandii Baat 5 – Happy Valentine’s Day, takes you on a stroll of one such teenager’s life.

Nithin Bhatia as Manoj
Sanya Bansal as Meera
Vinayaka Sinha as Kishore
Savanth singh Premi as Vaibhav
Alka Singh as Meera Mom
Priya Rana as Prachi
Shivani Srivasthava as Gunajn
Agresh Tanvar as Saloon Guy
Aadita jain as Jyoti (bulky girl )
Nitin Mishra as Boy 1 (make out )
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Episode 4 : Pintu’s 5 Millions Followers Cast

Jealousy is a strong emotion. But, does it have an impact on a relationship? Every couple faces relationship ups and downs. But how you handle these emotions defines your relationship. Pintu and Muskaan are no different. Unravel their story on the fourth episode of Gandii Baat 5.

Sudhir Chauhan as Pintu
Pamela Mondal as Muskaan
Ankit Bhatia as Dev
Shaan Mishra as Jacky
Shivangi roy as Jugnu
Urmi chatterjee as Pooja
Yash Garg as Gym Boy
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Editor AfZal Shaiek and Mithilesh Singh
Creative Director Baljit Singh Chaddha
Production Design Naseem Shah and Pramod Kalekar
Background score Shantanu Sudame
Director of Photgrpahy Amit singh
Ttile Song Meet Beatz
LyricsShabbir Ahmed
Asscoiate Producer Aniruddha Andhorikar and Deepak Prabhu
Director Afzal Shaikh
Story and screenplay Rajesh Tripathi and chital Tripathi
Dialogues Ranveer Pratap Singh
Release date October 8 2020