Technical View :Canarabank 22nd March 2019

Today Nifty 50 Started its day higher but failed to keep up the Momentum , BankNifty also faced same Turbulence at the market due to FED rates with No Hikes. Canara bank Started its day with Rs .277.20 but after few minutes it dropped to 275.20 Price range around 9:40 Am but buyers are Interested till the Price Rs.278 but unable to hold the same price slowly dropped to Rs.274.50, at this point buyers lost interest and Sellers Taken the Front seat and dropped the Share to Rs. 271.

As you look into the Kagi chart of Canara bank you can witness the Green line (Yang ) Line the buyers are interested around 276 -278 Price Range , they tried to Move Upwards but lost the Grip and Ying line (Red line ) the Sellers are Interested at Rs. 270 Levels .ATP (Avergae Trading Price ) 275 , Total volume :4,109,233