Austria Country Profile :

Republic of Austria (Republik Oesterreich )

Capital :Vienna 

Currency :Euro 

Area: 83,871

Coastline :Landlocked 

Population :8,640,000

Other Larger cities :Graz,Linz,Slazburg,innsbruck

Languages :German

Religions: Christian- 80%, Unaffliated -13.5%, Muslim – 5.4%.

Literacy :98%

Life expectancy:81.5

Per capita Income (PCI):$44,498

HDI (Human Development Index ) Rank : 24

Date of Independence :1156

Government Type : Federal Parliamentary Republic

President :Alexander Vander Bellen 

Head of the Govt :Chancellor :Christian Kern 

Austria Facts :

-Became Independent on October 26,1955

-Country Experienced More than 25 years of Socio-economic Troubles.

-Country Where First Post cards were issued .

– Sworn itself in a Neutral Position since the world wars .

-Very Small Percentage involved in Agriculture less than 1.5% GDP.

-Europe’s Organic Country No.1

-First Country to Establish National Regulations for organic farming .

-Extended 360 miles East to West 

-2/3 rd of Country covered with Woods and Meadows.

-Largest Ice cave system in the World -Eisriesenwelt.