Ashima Narwal

Ashima Narwal Navel

.Indian – Australian Model turned Actor Ashima Narwal Ashima Narwal ‘s Navel Pics are Going viral

She received accolades for her acting in “Natakam ” movie as a village belly , Her Latest Horror Flick “Jessie ” went well with Urban Centers , Now she Signed two movies in Kollywood one with Vijay Anthony’s “Koliaigaran” and Another with Arav in “Raja Bheema ” . She’s Playing as Vijay’s Love interest in Koliaigaran .

Recent Gossip is that Ashima narwal is soon going to join in Ajith’s film , if the news is real then Ashima will be in Cloud Nine .

Raja Bheema is Directing by Debutante Naresh Sampath touted to be an Action Adventure Flick .

With 44 K Followers in Ashima Narwal’s Instagram account, she greets her fans with her pics .