Anjana Anjani

Anjana Anjani is an Upcoming Webseries Directed by Zaheer starring Aarti sharma and Amir khan produced by cinemadosti APP . Anjana Anjani story about a boy who’s bike not got started so he just found a near house to stay in for a while. He suddenly saw a house fully strange he just Rings the Bell and the door get open slowly……Let see what happen to that boy and what was there in the house… Watch Now!!!!

Anjana Anjani web series Cast and Crew :

Aarti Sharma

Amir Khan

Crew :

  • Director – Zaheer
  • Prodcuer – Z . Ansari
  • DOP – Azhar Shaik
  • Writer- Sagar
  • Creative Director- S . Anasari
  • Marketing head- Balajee singh
  • Graphic designer- Siddhant Kumar
  • Visual Promotion – Karan Bharti
  • Artt Shanu
  • Make up and Hair- Ajay and Razia
  • Editor– Leaf studio
  • Background score- Swan Shukla
  • Sound designer – OM
  • camera Assiatant – Kabeer Dada

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Anjana Anjani Scenes :

Anjana Anjani