Albania -Country Profile-2018

Albania -Country Profile :

Republic of Albania (Republika e shqiperise )

Capital: Tirana 

Currency :Albanian Lek

Area : 28,748 Sq.Km

Coast Line: 362 km

Population: 2,924,000

Languages :Albanian Greek

Religions : Islam-80.3%,Christian-18%

Literacy -97.55%

Life Expectancy : 77.8

Per Ca-pita Income :$ 4,203

Human Development Index  (HDI) Rank :75

Date of Independence : 28 November 1912

Government Type :Parliament Republic

President : Bujar Nishani

Prime Minister :Edi Rama

Natural Resources :Petroleum ,Natural Gas,Coal ,Bauxite ,Chromite,Copper Iron ,Nickle ,Salt.

Agricultural Land :48.3%

National Color :Red and Black 


Albania facts :

-Mother Theresa was Born in Skopje,She is the only Albanian to win Nobel Prize .

-It  has 750,000 Bunkers spread out across the land.

-RAKI is the national Drink.

– Provides Free Primary and Seocndary Education.

-It is a country of Mountains ,70% of  country covered with Mountains.

-Sex Selective Abortions are common .

-People Like to Walk in the Evening .

-International Airport “Nina Tereza” Named  after Mother Theresa .